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Event [no.11] – Glow in the Dark


Event [no.10] – Algo-Rhythms – A Live Coding Event

Event [no.9] – Gender, electronic music and the Iron Curtain @ TodaysArt Festival 2017

Event [no.8] – The Other The Self @ INTONAL 2017

Event [No.7] – Poetry, Presence and Empowerment Talk @Rewire 2017

Event [No.6] – Collecting Perspectives @CTM Berlin 2017


Event [No.5] – Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Event [No.4] – How Numbers Speak for Themselves @Today’s Art Festival

Event [No.3] – Power-Networks and the Future of Opera

Event [No.2] – Role Models and How We See Ourselves

Event [No.1] – Open Mind, Active Thinking