Algo-Rhythms: A Live Coding Event

17 November 2017
WORM – Boomgaardsstraat 71 – 3012 XA,  Rotterdam Netherlands

Joanne Armitage / OFFAL
Marije Baalman
Joana Chicau

This time New Emergences will present short discussions as part of a live event in WORM, Rotterdam. Algo-Rhythms will be an evening of live coding performances by Marije Baalman, Joanne Armitage & the OFFAL and Joana Chicau.

From left to right: Joana Chicau, Mariette Groot, Joanne Armitage (photo by florian cramer)

The event is dedicated to the act of coding as a live artistic intervention; from digital to physical expressions, a myriad of experiments relating code to sound, code to the body, body to movement, counter-movements, and more.

Our talks will focus on the issue of gender diversity in the electronic music scene. Is the live-coding community inclusive enough? Is the open source movement open for everyone? We’ll ask the artists how things work in their own practice and what their personal experiences have been.

OFFAL (photo by florian cramer)

OFFAL (Orchestra For Females And Laptops) is an international collective who devise performances involving multi-location collaborative improvisation. The group was formed in 2015 in response to research around gender in digital technology and laptop ensemble practice . As a non- hierarchical collective it aims to connect an international group of women engaged in electronic music by developing technological systems and organisational structures that facilitate collaboration. The group provides a platform for the creation and performance of new laptop music by women.

Joanne Armitage is a creative technologist and artist working with sound, physical computing, digital media and interaction design. Her current practice-based research explores how digital sound can connect with the body through haptic feedback. Joanne is active as a live coder, performing internationally solo, as part of duo ALGOBABEZ and international collective OFFAL.

Marije Baalman (photo by florian cramer)

Wezen – Gewording by Marije Baalman, a performance combining live-coding and gestural control; switching between performance modes of body and gestures and live-coding their relationship to sounds. The work is an ongoing exploration of mappings of body gestures onto sound and light, and has been changing over the past one and a half year from performance to performance.

Marije Baalman is an artist and researcher/developer working in the field of interactive sound art based in Amsterdam. She has a diverse background in physics, sound and sensor technologies, and has worked in the field of interactive sound art, making installations and performances (dance/music).
In her artistic work she is interested in the realtime components of the work, in that nothing is precomposed as such, but rather the sonic or light output depends on realtime interactions, be it of the performer or of the audience. She is a member of the Instrument Inventors Initiative (iii) in The Hague.

Joana Chicau

all_nerves_on_the_universe.html >  is a performance presenting a series of coding experiments with web environments, navigation technologies and the body in motion. It uses techniques such as motion tracking, geocoding, javascript operations in the web browser and online maps. On the body movement part, it privileges the micro, slow, occasionally spasmodic, kinetic activators of duration or perhaps a non measurable temporality. Altogether this piece aims at projecting new (dis)orientations, fusing physical and virtual dimensions of space, expanding peripheries, borders, inner, outer, skin. Opening up space for other relations between bodies, trajectories and contexts. A semi-improvised performance that interweaves live coding with speculative body-terrain topographies — forming a new network of nerves.

Joana Chicau is a media designer, researcher and performer – with a background in classical & contemporary dance – currently based in The Netherlands. She runs a transdisciplinary research project which interweaves media design and web environments with performance and choreographic practices. Chicau has been actively participating in debates and performative international events; and the project has been growing into diverse formats.