Sonology Concert

New Emergences was invited to participate in the upcoming Sonology concert at the Koninklijk Conservatorium on October 14.
Our plan was to interview some of the artists, and find out about these upcoming sound artists presently based in The Hague.

The artists presenting their work were:
Margherita Brillada, Kamile Rimkute (featured in the picture), Marija Kudabaite, Lucie Nezri, Marlene Fally, Viola Luciotto and Giulia Francavilla.
Each one of them had a special piece to present, live or multichannel fixed-media.
However, due to the COVID-19 measures, this concert eventually took place privately with only the students and some staff of the conservatorium. Nevertheless, we plan to do these mini-interviews in December 2020, and making a short audio-portrait of the artists, as a podcast series. Stay Tuned!


  • Margherita Brillada: Stati d’Ansia, 8-channel fixed media
  • Kamile Rimkute: New Stone, 8-channel fixed media
  • Lucie Nezri: For ábel, clarinet and 8-channel sound from computer
  • Marija Kudabaite: Merge, 8-channel fixed media
  • Marlene Fally: live performance with voice and electronics
  • Viola Luciotto: I’m still here-Io ci sono ancora, 4 channels plus video
  • Giulia Francavilla: Forma volatile, 8-channel fixed media

Sonology Concert (private)
14 october 2020 19.30
Arnold Schönbergzaal

View the event on the website of the Royal Conservatory here:

Koninklijk Conservatorium
Juliana van Stolberglaan 1
2595 CA Den Haag