Glow in the Dark 2

New Emergences in collaboration with Moving Furniture Records and Ruisburo (cafè De Ruimte) present: Glow in The Dark #2.

Donia Jourabchi
Alselo aka Katarzyna Glowicka
Inge Hoonte

13 January 2019, 20:30 / De Ruimte / Distelweg 83, 1031HD – Amsterdam / Entry €7

In Café De Ruimte, a lovely and characteristic venue in Amsterdam-Noord with a great affinity for experimental sounds, you can meet three wonderful sound artists/composers. Each one of them has a different approach ranging from spatial sonic design to the natural sounds of everyday household items. In between the live sets there will be individual short talks with them about their work.

Donia Jourabchi, Iranian, born in Brussels (1986), is a sound explorer. She studied sound engineering at the SAE Institute of Brussels, developed skills in interactive sound techniques, real-time processing and interface design at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital and Sound Cultures in Belgium, and electroacoustic composition at ArtZoyd in France. Her focus moved towards a research-based practice during her Master’s degree at the Institute of Sonology in The Netherlands. In her work, Donia sculpts textures of sound as a physical matter, designing spatial and sonic strategies that activate potential mechanisms of engaging the social within the acoustic awareness of space. An approach towards a spatial practice of sound and situated knowledges through experimentation and exploration of the contexture between sound, bodies and space.

Alselo (aka Katarzyna Glowicka) explores the stylistic points of possible junctions between classical, ambient, folk and minimalism. Dubbed “the next star from the East” (“Junge Welt”), she came into the international spotlight with her album “Red Sun” (Bolt Records, 2014). After pursuing a successful career in orchestral classical music, her artistic interests concentrate in multimedia works for theatre, opera and film.

Inge Hoonte(1979, NL) works across writing, sound and public projects to orchestrate and document moments of connection, both in harmony and dissonance. For today’s performance, the natural sounds of everyday household items will be amplified to compose a rhythmic soundscape.

This event was made possible with the financial support of the Creative Industries Fund