Et#her @ FAQ Festival

What are our assumptions when we perceive a voice that we think is female? Or a male voice for that matter? What happens if we can not decipher the gender connected to the voice? Are we aware of the biases that we acquire through our social conditioning?

In our current collaboration with Willem II Studios in Den Bosch, we invited three artists — Radna Rumping, Lilia Scheerder and Marieke van de Ven — to explore the Willem Twee Studios as well as create works focusing on these topics. As part of the residency program, we invited Aurélie Lierman, an independent radio producer, vocalist and composer, to give a coaching session to inspire the participants. The three artists we commissioned, come from different disciplinary backgrounds. The aim is to explore different approaches to our subconscious bias, regarding gender, when we listen to voices. The question posed to the artists asks how we can subvert commonly accepted biases between voices and gender, within a conceptual and artistic context.

Event details: Et#her – residency at Willem Twee Electronic Studios – concert/performance during the FAQ Festival.

1/ Et#her – Residency – 25-28 February
Antoine Panaché
Lilia Scheerder
Marieke van de Ven

2/ Et#her – Coaching session – 25 February
Session leader: Aurélie Lierman

3/ Et#her – Concert/performance and Q&A – 15:00, 23 March 2019